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Let your pets enjoy a holiday too whilst you enjoy yours by booking them in to our 5 star rated pet hotel where we care for your rodents, small caged birds, parrots, reptiles, rabbits and guinea pigs.


At Pets Fayre, we provide a pet boarding service so you can enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind that your pets are being well looked after by experienced professionals in a safe environment.  

We treat your pets with the care and attention that they receive at home, with plenty of exercise and enrichment activities to ensure that they are happy and healthy during their holiday with us.  As animal lovers who are passionate about animal welfare, we only use enclosures that ensure your pets have plenty of space with added exercise areas for them to explore at their leisure and exhibit their natural behaviors.  You can also request to add a nail clip for your furry friend.


Prices include the use of cage or enclosure, bowls, bottles, hay, fruit & vegetables, bedding, toys, use of exercise facilities, handling, socialisation and above all love and cuddles. 


  • Hamsters, Gerbils and Mice - £5.00

  • Small Birds - £5.00

  • Parrots - £6.00

  • Degus - £6.00

  • Ferrets - 7.00

  • Rats - £7.00

  • Guinea Pigs - £7.00

  • Rabbits - £8.00

  • Reptiles - £10.00

In addition to our boarding, we offer a nail clipping service. This is priced at £5.00 for our boarding residents, or £7.00 for walk-in nail clips.

The prices are daily fees charged from the day of arrival up to and including the day of departure. Prices are based on 1 animal per enclosure. An additional £2 per day will be added for any additional pets (of the same species) sharing that enclosure with the exception of hamsters and small caged birds.  Full payment is due on drop off.


Drop off and collection times are Tuesday to Saturday between 09:30 and 16:30 (closed on Sunday & Monday). Please note that there is a 3 day minimum charge, extended to 5 days during school holidays. All Bank Holidays will incur an additional £2.00 charge on top of the daily rate. If your pet requires any medication during their stay with us, there will be an additional charge of £1.00 per administration of medication.

We require your pets food to be brought along (or purchased in store) along with proof of up to date vaccinations.  Rabbits must be vaccinated against Myxomatosis, RVHD1 & RVHD2.  Ferrets must be vaccinated against Distemper.  Any rabbits or ferrets who have not been vaccinated or arrive without proof of vaccinations, will not be able to stay with us.


Like to know more about small animal boarding? Call us on 07784787986 or contact via the form below.

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Our pet boarding service is consistently awarded 5 stars on Facebook.

Our Guinea pigs love it here, they have holiday'd here the last 6 years & we've been so happy with the service. Cannot recommend them enough. Betsy went on her own last time as Gus had gone to Guinea pig heaven & they kindly tried to find a rescue pig to be her mate whilst we were away. Sadly it was not to be, she will be back there again this year. Thank you guys! 

5 Star Facebook review

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