Pets Fayre Southborough Grooming Paw Pri


  1. Pets will only be accepted for grooming after the owner (or other responsible person) has accepted our terms and conditions.

  2. Owner (or other responsible person) must present a pet that is healthy enough to be groomed, informing us of any pre-existing health conditions.

  3. Elderly pets or those with pre-existing health conditions can be groomed at owners risk.

  4. Pets Fayre will not accept pregnant bitches for grooming and will only groom bitches two weeks after thier last season, not during.

  5. No pet will be subjected to unnecessary stress or discomfort and all pets will be groomed in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act.

  6. Owners are responsible for maintaining thier pets coat in between grooms and ensuring thier pet is groomed regularly. If we are presented with a severely matted coat, we will clip the coat as short as necessary to avoid pain and discomfort to your pet.  

  7. The owner agrees that Pets Fayre will not be held liable for any pre-existing skin conditions uncovered by the groom or the after affects that could occur after clipping off a matted and neglected coat.  This could include but is not limited to itchiness, skin redness, irritations or abrasions.  

  8. Pets Fayre reserve the right to charge a fee of at least £10 for clipping matted coats and may also include additional charges for extra time needed.

  9. Owner (or other responsible person) agrees to inform Pets Fayre if your pet has previously bitten another pet or human or has aggressive tendencies.  

  10. Pets Fayre reserves the right to muzzle, restrain or refuse to groom your dog if they display tendencies which we believe is a danger to our staff, customers or other pets.  

  11. In the event that we are unable to groom your pet due to aggression, illness or stress, we reserve the right to charge the full following the appointment.

  12. If parasites are present, Pets Fayre reserves the right to charge at least £10 for the removal and /or treatment of parasites as well as the costs incurred for treating the premises and / or loss of business. 

  13. Owner agrees that all quoted or advertised grooming prices are estimates and may be increased based on size, coat condition, behaviour, tolerance and temperament. Owner agrees to pay for all grooming services deemed necessary by Pets Fayre in the best interest and wellbeing of thier pet in full at the end of the appointment.

  14. Owner confirms that thier pet has been vaccinated against the following:  Dogs; parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis and distemper.  Cats; cat flu, (feline herpes and feline calicivirus) and feline infectious enteritis (feline panleucopenia) Rabbits; myxomatosis, viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD).  

  15. Owner understands that pets nails will be clipped, thus with the possibility of exposing the which may or may not bleed at the time of grooming or after grooming.  In the event of the quick being exposed and therefore bleeding during the groom, we will apply styptic powder to stop the bleed.  If the nails bleed after the grooming appointment, flour, corn starch or baking soda can be applied to the nail if styptic powder is not available.

  16. Pets Fayre will exercise all due responsible care to prevent injury, illness or death whilst your pet is in our care.  Pet owner understands that injuries can occur when working with sharp equipment (scissors, blades and brushes) and will not hold Pets Fayre responsible for any injury or veterinary costs incurred.

  17. Owner authorises Pets Fayre to seek emergency veterinarian advise and / or treatment whilst your pet is in our care, if deemed necessary, at owners expense.

  18. Owner is responsible for all property damage or injury to a person caused by thier pet whilst in our care and on our premises.

  19. Owner understands and confirms thier approval for pictures and videos to be taken of thier pet and used on social media, website, marketing literature and any other promotional material produced by Pets Fayre.

  20. Appointments are confirmed when a £10 deposit non-refundable deposit has been paid.  

  21. Owner agrees to inform Pets Fayre with 48 hours notice if they wish to cancel or amend a booking.  Cancellations or amendments within 48 hours are subject to the full appointment fee which must be paid before any further appointments are booked.  Payment in full up front will be required for any future bookings of last minute cancellations, amendments and no shows.  We reserve the right to ask for upfront payments during busier periods.

  22. Owner and pet must arrive promptly for thier appointment and collected promptly following their groom.  Lateness is charged at £2.50 for every 15 minutes outside of thier scheduled appointment.

  23. By booking this appointment, you agree to the above terms and conditions in full.