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    pet foods and accessories in Southborough

    At Pets Fayre we are passionate about animals. We offer an extensive range of pet feeds and accessories to keep your finned, feathered and furry pets happy and healthy at affordable prices. We also offer and advise upon a range of wildlife feeds and accessories to support the wildlife in our local environment.

    pet feeds

    We stock a wide range of nutritious and balanced feeds with regular price promotions and loyalty schemes available to keep your pets eating the best foods at affordable prices.  From kibble to raw food for your cats and dogs, live and frozen food for your reptiles, muesli and nuggets for your small pets, seeds and specialist mixes for birds and parrots to flakes and pellets for your aquarium and pond fish, we have it all.


    Our ranges are continuously reviewed to ensure that we are bringing you the best selection of pet feeds and can order specialist and specific brands on request.  Our current food range includes but is not limited to the following:

    • NutriRaw

    • Nature Diet

    • Hills Science Plan

    • James Wellbeloved

    • Science Selective

    • Burgess Excel

    • Tiny Friends Farm

    • Aquarian

    wildlife supplies

    Here at Pets Fayre we are keen to support our local wildlife and encourage our customers do the same. With declining numbers of wild birds and hedgehogs in our local environment, it's more important than ever for us to support wildlife in our area.


    With this in mind, we stock a range of premium quality wildlife feeds and accessories at the lowest possible prices including:

    • Suet blocks

    • Suet pellets

    • Fat balls 

    • Mealworms

    • Peanuts

    • Sunflower seeds

    • Sunflower hearts

    ...and a range of specialised mixes to encourage particular species to your garden.


    Come in store for hints and tips on how to attract nature to your garden.  We can also provide you with additional literature from local organisations on supporting our wildlife, so drop by for some inspiration and ideas.

    pet accessories

    We have an extensive range of pet products and accessories including all of the essentials along with indulgent items that we know your pets will love. From pet housing and bedding, treats and toys to health and hygiene products, we have everything to keep your pets safe, happy, occupied and healthy.

    Visit us in store where we can provide you with advice on the best selling products including personal favourites which have been tried and tested on our own pets.  

    All of our prices are compared to chain pet stores and supermarkets to ensure that we are bringing the best prices to you locally. We also run regular promotions and loyalty schemes which are only available to the independently owned pet stores.

    Going on holiday?  We offer small animal boarding, so your pets can enjoy a holiday with us whist you enjoy yours!

    shop local fayre

    As a small business ourselves, we fully understand the hard work, time and money that goes into creating a business.  We are extremely grateful to all of our customers that keep this 50+ year old pet shop open and each year, we are able to improve or expand the products and services that we provide.  It isn't easy, particularly in these troubling times so we want to support other local businesses as much as we possibly can.  

    We are now proud stockists and promoters for local crafters, artists, chefs and bee keepers.  A selection of their beautiful products are now available in store including:

    • Hand painted vintage items from Barkers Bazzar

    • Kent produced Bee products from Simply the Bees Knees and Bee Bombs

    • Vintage bird feeders from Creative3 Crafts

    • Handmade dog collars and bandanas from Bobbin & Bunny

    • Pet Treat bakery kits from Paw Bakes

    • Chutneys and Pickles from S.Tuck in a Pickle

    Come in store to support these local businesses and support the local economy.

    #shoplocal #shopsmall #savethehighstreet

    At Pets Fayre, we are firm believers in animal welfare and the rights of all animals kept as pets.  That's why we no longer sell livestock and only support local rescue centres instead of breeders.  Our aim is to support the overwhelmed rescue centres by matching abandoned, abused or neglected pets with owners who will give them the proper care, attention and forever home that they deserve.  If you are interested in adopting a pet, please contact us.


    like to know more? 

    Like to know more about our products in store? Call us today on 01892 533 992 or contact via the form below.