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Tails are wagging and pets are bragging about Southborough's very own independent grooming parlour. Offering a range of services and packages for your dogs and small pets.

We offer a friendly and professional grooming service and will ensure that your pets enjoy their time with us in a relaxed, safe and stress free environment. We treat all pets as individuals and can discuss any additional requirements or requests as well as advise on the best grooming options for your beloved companions.  Your pets will be in great hands with experienced pet owners and a City and Guilds qualified Groomer offering a range of services including bath, blow dry, claw cutting, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, coat clipping and hand stripping.


Introducing your puppy to grooming from an early age is a vital part of puppy training.  We aim to provide a stress free service and allow additional time for your puppy to play and explore our grooming parlour so that they associate grooming with fun.  Depending on the breed, the introductory groom will include a wash, dry, brush, nail trim, and ear clean for short haired breeds with additional trimming of hygiene areas, paw pads, legs, skirt and face for longer haired breeds.


This service is perfect to give double coated breeds a de-shed (less hair on your sofas!) This helps maintain a healthy coat and skin and leaves them smelling fresh!


A mini groom is perfect for in between full grooms.  This service includes all the necessary parts of the groom such as a wash, dry, brush, hygiene trim, pad trim and nail trim.  A tidy of paws, ears and eyes is also included.


A full groom includes a good wash, brush and dry. Following nail trim, ear cleaning and any trimming or clipping required including pads and hygiene areas.


Our handstripping service includes everything a full groom does. Although, we may ask that your pet comes back for a bath and dry the next, or even the day before. This is due to the hair follicles being opened up when the hair is stripped.


Using ultrasonic technology with the EmmiPet toothbrush to remove plaque, prevent tartar, promote healthy gums, kill bacteria and freshen breath.  Your pooch will have pearly whites without anaesthetic.


From dogs, rabbits, guineas to birds including canaries and budgies, all nails need to have regular trimming to stop over growth, so pop in or book to have a little pedicure!


A full groom includes de-matting and de-shedding with any trimming or clipping required including pads and hygiene areas.  Followed by nail trim and ear clean.


A full groom includes de-matting and de-shedding with any trimming or clipping required including pads and hygiene areas.  Followed by nail trim and ear clean.



Nail Clipping - £5

Puppy Groom from - £15

Wash, Dry & De-Shed from - £15

Mini Groom from - £20

Full Groom from - £30

Hand Strip from - £45

Emmi-Pet from - £15

Micro-Chipping from - £10

Prices are dependant on breed, size and coat condition. Please call us or pop in to discuss your pets requirements and prices.


We adhere to the Animal Welfare Act and therefore if your pet is severely matted this may require shaving rather than dematting to avoid stress and discomfort to your pet.

Additional charges apply for severely matted coats or those with parasites.


Nail Clipping - £5

Full Groom from - £10

Like to know more about pet grooming? Call us on 01892 533 992 or contact via the form below.

Our Pet Grooming Parlour has it's own Facebook page where we are consistently awarded 5 star reviews.

So happy! Was a bit worried about getting my dog groomed but I'm so happy with how she looks. Shes clean, groomed and seems quiet content. Great service, friendly staff and listened to how I wanted her groomed. Thanks a lot. We will be back!

5 Star Facebook review

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