A premium dog walking service tailored to your canine companion, with a fully insured, first aid trained and experienced dog handler, your dog will enjoy physical exercise, mental stimulation and plenty of affection.

We believe that a well exercised dog is a happy dog and aim to provide services to compliment our beliefs.  Dogs require regular exercise and mental stimulation to prevent behavioural issues arising from a lack of socialisation and boredom.  We understand that providing regular walks can be challenging with lifes other commitments, and are here to help.

We offer a premium dog walking service tailored to your canine companion in and around the Tunbridge Wells area.  We will ensure that your dog will enjoy physical exercise, mental stimulation and plenty of affection in carefully selected parks, fields and woodland around Kent.  Whether your pooch prefers a gentle stroll, splashing and swimming in rivers, playing in a pack, racing around open spaces or sniffing and exploring woodlands, your dogs will be having fun with us. 


 We know that not all dogs are comfortable in pack situations and offer single walks that are perfect for elderly dogs or those that are reactive or nervous around other dogs.  We can also work with your dog to introduce them slowly with compatible doggy friends and become part of the pack if desired!



We aim to be the highlight in your dog’s day by offering fun filled group walks. Being pack animals, dogs enjoy the social dynamics of being walked in a group, stimulating both mind and body, resulting in a happy and tired dog returned home. We offer a group walking service with no more than five dogs who have been carefully selected to ensure compatibility in terms of size, temperament and play style.  Your dog will enjoy exercise in safe environments before returning home to you all woofed out!



We know that puppies can bring your family lots of joy but also know that the puppy stage can be challenging when keeping up with their constant needs.  But don’t get your tail in a twist, we are here to help and offer puppy visits where we can feed them, clean up any mess, provide toilet breaks and ensure that they receive plenty of affection and play time.  Once your puppy is fully vaccinated, we can assist with the important task of socialisation and basic training in our group walk sessions.



Whether your dog requires a lift to the vets, the groomers or collection and drop off to boarding kennels, then we are here to help.  Our state of the art dog taxi is fully equipped with safety crates, air conditioning, heating, first aid equipment and cleaning facilities so that your pet arrives safe and in style!


30 minutes - from £12.00 

60 minutes - from £18.00

90 minutes - from £22.00


60 minutes from - £12.00 

90 minutes from - £16.00


from - £14.00


from £7.00 + 40p per mile

Please note that our services are available from Monday – Friday with a small additional fee for Saturdays (£2 extra).  We are unavailable for Sundays or Bank Holidays.


You can also request to add a range of grooming services to your booking with our Pet Grooming Parlour including nail clipping, wash & de-shed, full grooms, mini grooms, puppy grooms and Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning.

Going on holiday?  We offer a pet boarding service for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rodents, Reptiles, Parrots and Small Birds along with a pet sitting service for cats and chickens!

Like to know more about our dog walking services? Call us on 01892 533 992 or contact via the form below.

Our Dog Walking Service has it's own Facebook page read some customer reviews below.

Sarah and the team at Pets Fayre walk our dog Fred and they are absolutely brilliant!! He loves his walk with them and comes back tired and very happy :) Sarah is so accommodating and often walks Fred very last minute, even offering to bring shopping round when I was poorly. She has given us great advice and tips as we go through the puppy stage and I would 100% recommend her and the team. The shop also stocks lots of really cool and useful bits too, as well as all the essentials and you get to say hello to the handsome Zeus, always a bonus.

SBADEN LTD trading as Pets Fayre

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